Cabinet Maker

RTL Woodworks is a committed advocate of advancing products that affect energy conservation, air quality, and healthier homes by using recyclable solid wood materials, low VOC emission products (Volatile Organic Compounds), ERP (Employee Recycling Program) and Suppliers campaign.

By using recyclable solid wood materials, we are decreasing the demand for green timber and that will ultimately benefit the environment. Recyclable wood as an environmentally friendly product is becoming the most preferable wood source. We fabricate eco-friendly furniture that should lend itself to easy repair, disassembly, and recycling.

RTL Woodworks use low emission VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products to produce our finish goods. Our finishing department is provided with only the best environmentally friendly low odor VOC product that have received approval from both GreenGuard® and Green Seal®. We are utilizing the latest products available that are VOC-compliant coatings. At RTL Woodworks, our goal is simple, but lofty to meet government VOC regulations that protect our atmosphere with products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

RTL Woodworks employee recycling programs are established to divert materials from landfills and to conserve natural resources. We encourage our employees not to generate wastes at our facility by only printing documents as necessary and by configuring all printers to print on both sides of the paper. RTL Woodworks office paper recycling team focuses on waste that can be easily recycled by our employees. Recycling and trash bins are located in each office, break areas, work areas and we encourage our employees to recycle materials, including: paper, proprietary office paper & materials, beverage cans and bottles that are to be disposed into our recycle bins.

RTL doesn’t stop there:
* Going paperless as possible on a daily basis
* Old fluorescent light tubes are accumulated and sent for recovery and recycling of heavy
metals (mercury) in the tubes, the steel caps, and the glass itself.
* Toner and fax cartridges are collected and recycled.
* Binders are reused by local schools and charitable organizations.
* Employees conduct periodic “Clean Sweeps” to recycle furniture, CDs, software & hardware.

RTL Woodworks supplier’s campaign consists of selecting vendors that provide environmentally friendly materials. This campaign demonstrates stewardship among vendors and manufacturers.

RTL Woodworks always seeks out suppliers that are committed to conserving forests and increasing the availability of environmentally safe products.

Finally, using environmental friendly products is not only businesses responsibility, but everyone’s responsibility. RTL Woodworks is committed to finding ways to build quality furniture with sustainable manufacturing and business practices by using recyclable wood material, low voc products, implementing an employee recycle program and a suppliers campaign. We are of what we have achieved but recognize that there‘s much more to do. At our organization, the participation of all our personnel is vital to keep improving and expanding our “Going Green” program.